(8 x 6in Oil on art board covered in canvas)

This is a study which is an abstraction from a view of an underground lake in the Baracz Chamber at the Wieliczka Salt Mines near Krakow. I have had a fascination and love of accidental or intentional motion blurred photographs that I have taken as they sometimes capture the 'mood' or 'impression' of a place simply in its colours and shapes - sometimes better than any normal photograph might.

The fiery trail across the middle are 'trailing' lights and the blue is that of the salt water which if you swam in it would be like swimming in the black sea and you would float. The dark salt rock of the cavern had multiple hues of colour - the painting has some deep rich colours in the darker areas.

This painting is a bit of a deviation from my schedule of study around brush technique with oils and observation of still life's.