(6x8 Acrylic on art board covered in canvas)

This still-life was a tough one, it still isn't right - but I made some progress with the apples at least. The method I am using is completely different to my habitual way. I've been loosely following the method by Carol Marine - except I am using acrylics. I'm not convinced this method works as well as oil paints. The method is 'alla prima' painting - which is painting 'wet into wet'. In other paintings I've done in the past I wait between stages for drying time. In 'alla prima painting' the order of painting stages is important as its all wet - every stoke will mix with the paint.

I messed up the apples 3 times before I got to this point, the plate and shadows on it isn't right - again I think this comes to order of painting. Anyway, this is a great process - not perfect first time, no problem - just got to keep learning so I will keep ploughing on.