(8x6in starts - Oil on art board covered in canvas)

£55 incl. postage

Researched a bit more on and did an under painting on this piece with burnt sienna. The idea behind this is to help study the values of the painting and get the right balance without misreading the colour tones. I bought a super spot light from Ikea that I can bend in all directions to help get the light. My still-life area is very make-shift....effectively a white plate with the fruit on top of my Canon printer on my desk with a black slate behind it...

After doing the underpainting I let it dry overnight before I painted over the top. I think it would be interesting to do another dark background one but without having done the underpainting first. Still trying to get the looseness of the brush stokes right. Getting there...for painting a day its 9 days since my last one so thats shockingly bad, but better than it ever has been so there is an upside.