(6x8 acrylic on art panel)

This is my first painting following the 'painting a day' approach. I haven't painted for quite a few months. At the moment I don't have a studio, I used my desk to paint as my easel's features are too big to hold the small art panel. According to Carol Marine's book she created a device to hold a small panel in place - so I may have to make one myself.
A still-life I think is a sensible place to start - working in a controllable environment. I like the ideal of being able to focus being a small piece on technique. I am entirely self-taught with painting - and so I feel the need to go back to basics. I have composition ideas - usually imaginative for later works, but for now I just want to focus on technique. Frankly I'm not that happy with this first one - I think the way I build up the paint and use of brush strokes needs to change. I also want to do oils...let's see.