About Me

I have had a continuous interest in Media and the Arts for many years. I am a professional digital marketer specialising as a content strategist with over ten years experience working on top brands as well as local businesses. I have worked for a number of different digital and creative agencies, online publishers as well as client-side as a marketing manager in estate agency.

This site serves two purposes, firstly and most importantly to show examples of marketing work I've directed that I can share, as well as web design projects I've solely worked on. Secondly to display my own artistic creations such as painting. 

Outside of my regular employment, I do accept invitations to build web sites for small businesses and offer digital marketing consultancy and training services. If you have a project in mind please get in touch for a chat. View the range of services I offer trading as Orangetree Works.

Because I have experience working for both big and small agencies I understand the differences of what different sized businesses need - and I know what good looks like. A small businesses's marketing budget and expectations is very different compared to the marketing manager for a larger business. I can scale to the needs of my clientele. 

To get in touch use the contact form or email me at peter@orangetree.works or leave me a message on my mobile 07977 461325.