My work

I enjoy making and coming up with new ideas - regardless of medium the process is hugely enjoyable. is merely a 3 letter word, yet it carries so much meaning. It is something I have pursued on-and-off much of my life through painting or drawing outside of regular salaried work. There have been times when I have avoided painting - because it's been too painful to deal with and I've felt I'm just not that good at it. But I have found I can't ignore it, because its part of me - so I have started to accept me and embrace the artistic side. Creating art is as much about "investing in the process, not necessarily the outcome" - to quote guru Srikumar Rao - so with that in mind so long as I like what I'm doing it will be a bonus and pleasure if anyone likes what I make. 

Towards the end of 2019 I decided to follow a method of creating one small painting on a routine basis . - ideally daily - and post photos of the paintings to my blog. I have taken up this challenge and see it as an opportunity for me to explore and experiment. So I have taken up alla prima oil painting (wet-on-wet oil painting) and currently painting still-life's and developing my painting technique at the same time. 

A small selection of my past artworks are on this site too which are mostly painted in acrylics on canvas or charcoal. These compositions are from a variety of influences, but all focused on communicating fairly deep messages and painted in graphical, plastic geometrical ways. 

With doing regular small paintings I am planning to adventure out from doing still-life's in the studio to doing street scenes and landscapes as 'plein air painting' (outdoor painting). l also have a fascination in motion blur photography and communicating this through the paint medium. 

Mini bio

I returned to York in 2008 aged 33 after spending a good number of years travelling and working abroad in South Korea and Spain as a teacher. I have also lived and worked in London, Plymouth and Leeds. I love York though, it is where I grew up and it's so exciting to see so much energy in the City these days especially around Arts and Media.

In an age of crazy amounts of technology everywhere, painting for me is a remedy. For the last couple of years I have also been fascinated with Makers and making... a blog in the pipeline - follow progress at @makersby on Instagram. 

If you like my artwork and would like to get in touch please use the contact form or connect with me on Twitter, Instagram @pnorange or on LinkedIn.

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