A video advertisement targeting Preston Baker Estate Agent's internal and external audiences that communicates the company’s proposition of ‘making moving easy’, which is what Preston Baker is all about and how it is differentiated to other estate agents.

A short animated video that is narrated with music dealing with more abstract concepts of estate agency and has the ability as a medium to communicate the brand through use of colours and imagery. From a practical point of view it doesn’t require shooting live video.

Narrated animated video that looks at moving house from the client’s point of view, whether buyer or vendor establishing an emotional connection with connecting to their lifestyle priorities and needs. The message is entirely about assuring clients that Preston Baker is with them all the way to help them achieve their dream home and the lifestyle they aspire to; and secondly that Preston Baker has a proactive approach to successfully match buyers and vendors that sets us apart from other agents.

My Role
I briefed in the design agency with the my concept which included a script, treatment and initial storyboard. Thereafter working with the design agency and animators in the development of the style to final edit.

The video has been used as a video advert on YouTube, on the Preston Baker website and on Facebook as a paid for branded ad.

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