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Peter Orange – Portfolio

Estate Agent Local Newsletter

Our goal was to position Preston Baker as the local authority of the local property market for resident sales and to attract buy to let property investors in core areas we operated in. We devised a newsletter which was distributed to over 100,000 households across Yorkshire.

Each newsletter was customised to the local city and had a locally relevant article about the local marketplace.

To measure the effectiveness of the newsletters we used ‘Call Tracking’ technology allocating specific numbers to each newsletter by area.

My role in this was briefing the design agency – United by Design in York and directing them to arrive at a final design. I commissioned the editorial, selected photography and arranged the printing / delivery. Distribution was managed by the Preston Baker canvasser teams.

  • Role Marketing Manager, Art Direction

  • For Preston Baker

  • Date November 2016

  • Type Double-sided printed A4 newsletter

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